About Me

Chiropractic and Natural Healthcare is in my blood.  After over 25 years practicing Sports Massage/ Paediatric Craniosacral/Somatoemotional/Visceral/McTimoney-Corley Chiropractic/Bowen NST/Myofascial Soft Tissue Release Therapies I was ready to redefine my business in a way that would let me evolve my own form of Intelligent Spinal Healing Practice.

More than anything, I wanted to share my passion for wellbeing, and watch as my clients discovered the transformative power of taking control of their own bodies, becoming empowered to rediscover a positive out look whilst I was helping others to explore ways to manage and control their pain.

Today my clients are students, farmers, personal trainers, CEOs, celebrities, corporate and creative people -- men and women who want serious input on improving their Future Health, advice on what to do when they are in too much pain to go about their daily lives without taking strong painkillers at breakfast time. I also help them with stress management, including dietary advise, a simple effective prescription of stretching and meditation. I give postural advise and I try to help increase my patients potential for happiness and harmony.